Below is a list of the most common questions we receive from prospective candidates. We hope these anticipate your needs. If you have additional questions, reach out to our team at

How do I submit my application?

Visit our Apply Now page to fill out an online application. Each application requires a resume, cover letter, and answers to 3-5 written questions.

Do I need to be a certified teacher to join CA?

We do not require teachers to be certified to join CA. Under Act 1, charter schools in the state of Louisiana are not required to hire certified teachers. All three of our schools fall under this legislation. We do honor and respect teachers who have earned their certification and support them in maintaining and renewing their certifications as they progress in their careers with Collegiate Academies.

My teaching experience is with elementary school or middle school students. I want to transition to high school but don’t have that experience yet. What should I expect from the hiring process?

We have many people on our team who previously taught middle school or upper elementary school. For those individuals, the transition to teaching high school at CA happens smoothly for two reasons:

Because our scholars enter 9th grade four to five grade levels behind, these teachers have more familiarity with the academic interventions that will meet their needs. This is especially true for our 9th and 10th grade teachers who have this teaching background.

We prioritize a key feature of middle schools and elementary schools that many high schools lack: relationships. Strong relationships with teachers and emotional safety in the learning environment are required for scholars to face challenges, make mistakes, experience failure in pursuit of their goals, and pick themselves up to face those same challenges again and overcome them. Teachers who come from middle school and elementary school backgrounds on our team have been more familiar with producing this type of emotionally safe environment.

If you have taught lower elementary school and are interested in joining CA, our hiring process with you will focus more heavily on content knowledge, given the differences in content knowledge required to teach high school.

I have experience working with children and/or in education but not as a full time teacher. What should I expect from your hiring process?

We consider anyone who doesn’t have full time K-12 teaching experience to be a new teacher or first year teacher. Though working with children and working in education provide excellent experience, the challenges of behavior management, lesson planning, assessment, and many of the other disciplines of teaching are different from most other education or K-12 jobs. If your experiences fall into this category, please read the answer to the question below: Does Collegiate Academies hire first year teachers?

Does Collegiate Academies hire first year teachers?

We do hire a small number of first year teachers each year. With new teachers, we look for people who have completed or will have completed a teacher training program that teaches the practical skills of teaching: lesson planning, classroom discipline and behavior management, use of daily and unit assessments, and use of data to drive instruction, to name a few.

Additionally, schools of education vary widely in their methods of teaching. Some are more lecture-based, some more practicum-based, some a mixture of the two. Our preference is to hire first years who have been trained in a more practice-based and practicum-based model with an emphasis on ongoing observation and feedback.

We do not hire new teachers who have not been trained in education.

What is your interview process for teachers?

Our interview process is designed to find educators who fit within our school culture. Our growth mindset tells us that skills can be learned; as a result, we are less interested in finding teachers who are already high performing, though we do like those teachers. We are most interested in people who share our beliefs and values.

Initial Screening
Application Screen: We will review your resume and cover letter and ask for additional information we need from you by email.

First Interview: We want to learn more about you, answer any questions you have about working at CA, and convey a few vital pieces of information to you.

Principal Screening
Second Interview: The principal with the open position that matches your skill set will interview you to learn more about your teaching experience and philosophy.

Observation and Feedback: To know you as a teacher, we must see you teach. You will teach a lesson, receive feedback from the Principal, and teach a second lesson to incorporate that feedback.

Team Interview and References
Team Interview: We want you to get to know our teachers and your potential coworkers. We also want them to know you. We typically meet with four or five members of our team to share a meal with you.

References: We use references to more deeply understand your strengths and growth areas. The candor we receive here helps us prepare coaching and development plans tailored to your needs.

What is your interview process for non-teaching positions?

For non-teaching positions, the interview process is very similar to what is described above for teaching positions. There are two major differences. First, the interview processes are tailored to the particular position we are looking to fill. Secondly, the Observation and Feedback stage will typically involve a visit to our schools, a series of short interviews and performance tasks, a feedback session and an opportunity to incorporate that feedback into the tasks completed.

What positions are available for next school year?

Please see our full list of open positions at our job board

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