The safety of the entire Carver Ram community is our top priority. This morning, a student was shot near campus and came on campus for help. Then, shortly after, on Higgins in the vicinity of the school, shots were fired at our campus. We immediately called the police and ambulance. We put our school on lockdown. Within minutes, the police arrived. All students and faculty are safe on campus and have returned to class. Police are here investigating. We will continue to update you.

We have resumed the school day and we are currently working with police on our dismissal plan. Police have blocked off the area while they investigate, therefore, parents will not be able to enter to check students out at this time or busses be able to depart. All students are indoors and safe. We will update you at noon with any new information.

UPDATE: Families, Carver will dismiss school at 1:00 pm. There will be no after-school activities. We will update you at 3 pm today on the plan for tomorrow and additional support available for students.

In conjunction with the New Orleans Police Department: UPDATE
The victim appears to have been the intended target in this incident. During the investigation at the location, officers discovered damage to the front of the school believed to have been caused by a stray bullet fired by the perpetrator(s) in this incident.
Based on preliminary investigation, we do not believe there are any other intended targets in this incident, nor do we believe the school was targeted.

As of 1:20pm: UPDATE: All busses have departed and students are on their way home. The building closed at 1:30p. At 3:00p we will have an update on school tomorrow.

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