Enterprising Programs and Externship Opportunities

Opportunities Academy features enterprises that reinforce employment and independent living skills. Our students perform clerical tasks, custodial work, and run a student enterprise serving coffee and snacks to OA and Collegiate Academies staff. These real-world job experience help students develop a familiarity with point of sale technologies, customer service skills, and food and beverage preparation techniques.

Other students are placed in an externship position with a business in the community. Our students work at Ma Momma’s House of Chicken and Waffles, Hyatt, Louisiana SPCA, and Magnolia Physical Therapy.

Students spend their days in a loving and supportive community focused on:

  • internships and job skills like prepping for interviews.
  • making friends, helping others, and building a community.
  • practicing how to independently do daily chores for home living success.
  • assisted technology.
  • everyday math and reading skills.
  • healthy lifestyles.
  • using public transportation and navigating the community.
  • accessing the community: library, movies, bank, mall, museums, gardens, public pool, healthcare, and grocery stores.

Students will leave the program with skills like how to:

  • get and keep a job.
  • create a support system with local agencies for services.
  • plan a budget.
  • create lasting friendships and social networking opportunities.
  • grocery shop and prepare healthy meals.
  • independently access the bus for transportation.
  • live more independently at home, with roommates, or alone.

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