Livingston Collegiate started with 9th grade in 2016. Livingston Collegiate added 10th grade in 2017 and will add 11th grade in August 2018.


In the 2016-17 school year:
Livingston earned an “A” letter grade with an SPS score of 115.9, the highest score of any open-enrollment high school in Orleans Parish.
93% of our students scored good or excellent on their End of Course exams.
Our students grew an average of 2.4 years of reading and 2 years in math.

Mission and Values

Livingston Collegiate will empower all students to graduate from college and lead the world.
Our mission sets the stage for the work that we – students, families, and staff – will all undertake together. It is far-reaching and inspiring. We look to it in major moments of difficulty and instances of joy. We say it with conviction. Our mission exists to remind us of the world we wish to live in and the academic outcomes all of our students deserve.

Our values shape daily life at Livingston Collegiate. Together, our mission and values lend us insight into the culture that must exist in our school. We derive all of our actions, programs, and successes from the actions that our mission and values inspire.

Drive: We are motivated. Find the energy to tackle any obstacle.
Courage: We are powerful. Never hesitate to act according to your beliefs.
Excellence: We are focused. Seek perfection through action.
Empathy: We are connected. Demonstrate deep understanding for all people.
Enthusiasm: We are joyful. Lead with constant and genuine positivity.
Teamwork: We are united. Earn success through collaboration and trust.

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