What is Opportunities Academy?

Opportunities Academy [OA] is Collegiate Academies’ rigorous, post-secondary full day program for scholars with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Carver High School houses our OA program on its campus, and students attend class there and at Delgado campuses in addition to attending internship and externship at Collegiate Academies schools and community businesses.

OA supports each student in achieving his or her highest level of independence in pursuit of meaningful and fulfilling personal and professional outcomes in the areas of independent living, community access, and career readiness.

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Learn about Opportunities Academy

What is Opportunities Academy?

Opportunities Academy [OA] is Collegiate Academies’ rigorous, post-secondary full day program for students aged 17-22 with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Vision

Opportunities Academy redefines ‘college and career for all’ by empowering students to build lives of independence, connection, and happiness.

Our Values


We hold and strive for the most ambitious visions.


We embrace failure and learn from it. We can rely on ourselves to take action always.


We choose to look at the positive in all things and have confidence in ourselves and our teammates.


We explore our interests and the world. We use our new-found knowledge to improve ourselves and others.


We are kind, loving, and helpful to all people and all things.

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We are located on the G.W. Carver Campus, 3059 Higgins Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126. Visit us, or reach out by phone at (504) 503-1421, fax at (504) 814-1721, or email at hello@opportunitiesacademy.org.

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Our Program

Enterprising Programs and Externship Opportunities

Opportunities Academy features an enterprise reinforcing employment and independent living skills. rOAst is a student-run coffee shop on three Collegiate Academies campuses. Each location provides real-world job experiences, as students develop a familiarity with point of sale technologies, customer service skills, and food and beverage preparation techniques.

Other students are placed in an externship position with a business in the community. Our students work at Ma Momma’s House of Chicken and Waffles, Hyatt, Louisiana SPCA, and Magnolia Physical Therapy.

Students spend their days in a loving and supportive community focused on:

  • internships and job skills like prepping for interviews.
  • making friends, helping others, and building a community.
  • practicing how to independently do daily chores for home living success.
  • assisted technology.
  • everyday math and reading skills.
  • healthy lifestyles.
  • using public transportation and navigating the community.
  • accessing the community: library, movies, bank, mall, museums, gardens, public pool, healthcare, and grocery stores.

Students will leave the program with skills like how to:

  • get and keep a job.
  • create a support system with local agencies for services.
  • plan a budget.
  • create lasting friendships and social networking opportunities.
  • grocery shop and prepare healthy meals.
  • independently access the bus for transportation.
  • live more independently at home, with roommates, or alone.

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OA Enrollment Process


  • New Orleans resident
  • Under 22 years of age
  • Intellectual or Developmental Disability


*Limited space available. Enroll now by calling 504-503-1421 or emailing hello@opportunitiesacademy.org.


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As members of G.W. Carver’s campus, we follow their handbook.

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Homework Assistance

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