Collegiate Academies


Professional Development

We believe learning shouldn't stop when you become a teacher.

The research is clear: Teacher quality is the single strongest determinant of student academic success. If we are not progressing as teachers, our students are falling behind.  

Teachers at Collegiate Academies invest over 550 hours in professional development each year. This includes four weeks of summer training, daily classroom observations, development meetings every two weeks, weekly professional development sessions that are targeted to meet the needs of the team, five ‚ÄúData Days," and an annual leadership retreat. Bi-weekly development meetings allow teachers and their coaches to set goals and assess progress in meeting them. Data Days provide an opportunity for the team to dive deeply into student assessments and realign curricula for the coming weeks. Our annual retreats provide a big picture reflection and whole-team leadership training in preparation for the year to come.

Team members who are not classroom teachers have equivalent development opportunities tailored to their individual goals. These team members participate in four weeks of summer training, observations of their work and feedback, development meetings weekly or biweekly, weekly professional development sessions tailored to their needs, and team retreats or individual planning time with a coach. They also participate in our whole-team leadership training each spring.