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Life at Collegiate Academies

Love your work and the people around you.

At Collegiate Academies, we are thrilled to do what we do. The experience of working for our team is best illustrated through the words of our staff members. Below, hear from them about their experiences at Collegiate Academies.

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Be loved and appreciated by your team

"Certain 'routines' that I've grown to love:

  • Before bed, I receive an email from Jerel to 9th Grade Advisors. It always inspires and generally ties in his love for oatmeal. It makes me feel ready to tackle the following day.
  • I arrive at school, coffee in hand, and I see Evan. He frowns at me and makes a snarky comment (this is how he shows his love). I laugh and tell him he is a useless, malfunctioning machine (also known as Evanbot).
  • I see Kelsey - she runs up to me (it doesn't matter what she is doing), hugs me and says, "I love you, Kit!" Could the day get better?
  • YES! Mike has brought me some delicious, buttery egg biscuit thingy and Kim shouts at me "KIT!" with a huge smile, beaming.
  • Joy increases with our staff morning meeting and the tempo increases as we all feel the onset of the day.
  • I see scholars on my way to prep my class, "Good MORNING, Ms. Mackin!" They are real greetings - they are not just saying it to be polite.

It could be raining or freezing, or life before I stepped foot on campus could be generally terrible. None of that matters. I've never worked at a place where I genuinely adore each individual with whom I work.  I'm with my scholars: I get to know and love them more with each passing day.  I am constantly supported, constantly loved.  I smile, I laugh.  If I cry, someone tackles me with a hug. Where else but here?" 

- Kit Mackin, Spanish II Teacher, Sci Academy

See the results you know are possible

"I just read the college acceptance list.  And reread the schools by Jeon's name (Amherst, LSU) and I thought, 'Oh My God.  So amazing.'  Frankly, seeing almost the entire senior class with multiple (!) schools beside their names is amazing.  And knowing that it's just February.  Truly life -- and world-- changing pursuits."

- Jane Shiu, 11th Grade Biology Teacher, Sci Academy

Be a leader

"I like fixing things.  It gives me energy.  Collegiate Academies is the perfect place for me because of that.   Within a few weeks of starting at Sci Academy this year, I found that it was not only the perfect home to develop my skills as an instructional leader, but my cultural and leadership skills as well.  I find immense comfort in the fact that being a team member at Sci Academy means that if you see something that can be improved, you become a leader by working to fix it.  Even better, when taking on new responsibilities, you are always supported.  Questions from school leaders are always in line with Want to develop cultural curriculum for your grade?  Have at it.  What can I do to help?" or even "Want to take on scheduling for our extra-curricular programming... great!  What do you need from me?"  In doing these things, I was given the opportunity to have a greater and more substantial impact on the school community and develop invaluable leadership skills along the way."

-Evan Stoudt, 9th Grade Algebra I Teacher, Sci Academy

"I spend every summer working at a week long sleep away camp for kids ages 6-13.  Our big goals have much more to do with smiles and popsicles than quantifiable daily exit ticket mastery benchmarks, but the intense focus on results needs to be the same.  This is my 7th year on staff, and 4th as a central leader.  The 2 directors of camp are both former teachers, but it is clear that the skills I've developed since joining the Sci Academy team coupled with our model of Servant Leadership have utterly transformed my effectiveness as a leader at camp. Part of this teaching-as-a-science Copernican revolution that we talk about here is the development of portable skills that can be wielded in a variety of contexts. It has already had an impact on the way camp will be run this year, and will soon have an impact on kids in a completely different context."

- Jon Bogard, 10th and 11th Grade Algebra II Teacher, Sci Academy

See your scholars develop into leaders

"What we do is so cool, I feel bad even calling it a job.  Last Friday, Jeon (one of our graduating seniors) organized weekly senior celebrations.  She broke everyone out into teams and I was lucky enough to be on the teacher team with Ms. Foran and Ms. Hubbell (Peanut Butter Cookies was our team name).  She had us play trivia and play Rock Paper Scissors for who would answer questions.  At moments during the game, I found myself in awe of the children before me that I have watched grow over the last four years."

- Rhonda Dale-Hart, Principal in Training, Collegiate Academies